SeneGence SkinCare - Why you should invest in your skin


The skin is the largest organ. It protects your body by covering organs, muscles and your skeletal system. Your skin is the first line of defence against environmental(sun, pollution) and physical damage to your body.  I would say these are important things to take into consideration when we are contemplating a skin care system.

We wear our skin for our entire lifetime and don't you think we should take the upmost care in maintaining healthy skin.  While we are making sure our skin stays in a healthy state it would be nice for our skin to have a radiant glow, for our wrinkles to be visibly reduced in depth and appearance, to have skin that is smooth but firm, and to have skin that is moisturized and nourished.

SeneGence® has developed a highly advanced anti-aging skin care line that helps people of different skin types to experience beautiful skin.  All SeneGence® products contain SenePlex Complex, a kinetic enzyme that affects the way cells grow from the bottom layers of the skin to the top.  SenePlex fights the signs of aging by renewing your skin cells an average of 23.3% more rapidly. Products that contain the SenePlex Complex have been clinically tested to confirm that they are highly effective in increasing skin smoothness by 45%. Also about 33% of the tested individuals had sensitive skin and were able to use SeneDerm SkinCare without irritation.

Makeup is effective when your skin is being taken care of.  Thankfully, SeneGence® offers cosmetics that are good for our skin.


Daily Skin Care System:

3 in 1 Cleanser $35:  cleanses, tones and hydrates; restores ph while effectively removing dirt, oil, and bacteria.

Daytime Moisturizer $60: lightweight moisturizer delivers anti-aging advantages and botanicals that moisturize and hydrate the skin; work to protect the skin from the environment with a mechanical shield.

Evening Moisturizer $75: highly concentrated with additional SenePlex Complex for extra protection from free radicals during sleep; thick rich cream that is a luxurious combination of ingredients that hydrate, protect and revitalize skin.

* Available for Normal to Dry, Dry, or Normal to Oily skin types









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