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I offer different services to my customers such as in home demo parties, and online Facebook parties.  I also often attend vendor shows where people can meet up with me while spending the day browsing and shopping. Maybe you're the quiet type and woud prefer a 1 on 1 demo at a public place.  That's fine too.  I will also have people visit my home, if that's preferable, by appointment. 

Lynne's True Colours Services

In Home Demo Parties


Invite your friends or family to your home for an  All Things SeneGence® Demo Party.  Introduce these wonderful products to the people you care about and receive a discount on the purchase of product, the percentage depending on the total of sales. Have a no pressure, fun get together I'm which your family and friends can get a hands on experience with the products.  No need to wait on an order. They will most likely be able to get their product right away which is a service I like to provide. Hostesses earn free rewards for have a few fun filled hours .  Message me for details.

Online Facebook Parties

Have an online party experience, using Facebook as a cyber meeting place.  I do most of the work, setting up an event within my Facebook Group that will contain all of the information and posts related to your party.   You invite the girls while making sure they attend, participate and enjoy the party. There's no need to dress up, or even look good.  Wear your pyjamas, grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine, sit with your phone or computer and join in. No need to worry about interruptions or having to be there all the time. You can do laundry, play with the kids, or anything really, while keeping up to date with the interactions during the party. Hostesses earn free rewards and discounts on the purchase of product, the percentage depending on the total of sales.

Message me for details.

MEGA PARTIES:  These amazing parties are offered every few months, on a first come first serve basis. No one likes to miss out on winning prizes and receiving discounts that I myself can't in all honesty offer. They are that good.  Many distributors get together to create a large online party, each offering their part in delivering valuable entertaining posts.  Any orders placed are directed to myself, since I will be the one inviting you.  All of my SeneSisters help one another to build parties that everyone can feel good about.  These parties are always exciting and enjoyable for my customers. There is also the chance to participate as a hostess, and get extra rewards. It would be to your advantage to contact me directly to be placed on a waiting list, for the next party, or join my Facebook VIP Group to stay up to date on these parties.

Vendor Shows


I often participate in local or at a slight distance vendor shows. I carry a good amount of stock with me, ready to be purchased and brought home right away. Come visit my table and get a hands on feel of the product. Be ready to be amazed by these long lasting smudge free cosmetics.  I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to assist you with your choices. To keep

up to date on the vendor shows I'll be attending, request to join my Facebook Group,or 'Like' 

my Facebook Page

One on One


Not everyone is into home parties or facebook parties and would prefer a personal one on one demo of the SeneGence® products. This is perfectly fine. We can meet somewhere for coffee and I can help you better understand what SeneGence® products have to offer. Just a little you and me time is all we need.

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Pick Up Product


People can meet me at my place by appointment, to take a look at the product and get a hands on experience. I keep a large amount of stock however, should you require more, I can order. It usually takes less than a week for me to receive a shipment. Contact me to book an appointment.

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