• Lynne Demers

Making the Best of a Trying Time

Please understand that what I’m about to share is meant to help people cope with this trying time. We are all affected in different ways by what’s happening in the world today. Some are feeling it in a negative way, more than others, especi

ally those who have been struggling for some time. This is not a good time for them. I’m sorry they have to go through another thing that is piled onto their setbacks.

With that being said I really believe that this is happening for a reason. Things like this don’t happen by chance. I’ve always taken things in that when something that occurs in my life, that seems like something terrible, or seems like a huge obstacle, that there are oppportunities there that with our careful observation and discernment, can lead to great things.

I’m not saying that a virus is a great thing. I’m saying that in the situation that the world is in there can be hidden blessings that occur. We now have the time and energy to focus and notice things that when we were busy and tired, we wouldn’t have paid any attention to. Is there something you’ve been meaning to do or work on, that is important to you, that you can now do?

During difficult times, we often turn to family, for support. Even though we are physically apart from our loved ones we can still communicate in different ways. The belief that technology distances us from the people in our lives has suddenly become this huge thing that is bringing us together, that we are so thankful for. We can keep in touch with people through our phones, our computers, social media platforms…etc. It’s funny how the tables can turn and make us see things in a different way.

Our perceptions determine our reality. My life can get so hectic and filled with actitivities that take me away from things that matter the most to me personally. I now have the time and energy to reflect on things, to do those things that make life more enjoyable. I asked for this and I got what I wanted. It didn’t happen in the way that I expected but it is here and I’m going to make the best of it.

I’m making the best of this by spending more time outdoors, seeing and experiencing the natural beauty that occurs in the wild. This is something else that I asked the Unniverse for. I wanted to enjoy being outside more, to do more gardening, to do outdoor activities, to enjoy the sun, the moon, the wind blowing in my hair, to look at the stars, and feel the earth under my feet. Writing this and reveling in the manifestations that come from asking the Unniverse for what you want, creates this deep overwhelming love that I kow in my heart, is true love that comes from having faith in what you ask for.

It’s a wonderful time to connect to your spirit, to connect to your higher power(God, Goddess, Angels, Guides, deceased love ones, Allah, Budha…etc.) It’s time to remember who we are and to connect with a life that has substance.

Enjoy the moment. Live in the present. This is the power that you have right now. We’re going to get through this and we’re going to come out of this better than before.

With all my love,


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