• Lynne Demers

I am a Salesperson. Yes I am.

Have you thought of becoming a SeneGence Independent Distributor but felt like you weren’t up to being a Salesperson? Usually people who have never done sales shy away from becoming Distributors because they have a negative impression of what a salesperson does. I get this because in the past, as a shy and sensitive person I never wanted to upset or offend anyone by asking them to do something that they didn’t want to do, such as buy something from me that they didn’t need or want.

What I’ve learned is that sales is good and beneficial to everyone involved when you’re offering something of value to someone who sincerely wants or needs what you have to offer them. A great salesperson is providing a service that you are looking for. Yes. Becoming an Independent Distributor with SeneGence means that you are in sales. Anyone who tells you the opposite is being dishonest or they are sugar coating things.

I never feel bad about offering excellent cosmetics, skincare, and haircare to anyone. I definitely don’t feel bad about changing someone’s lifestyle for the better. I make women and men

feel good about themselveselves and their lives, on different levels.

I’m sincerely committed to empowering an individual from the inside as well as the outside. It’s more than making a buck. I care. I know what I am doing for everyone I touch, with SeneGence.


©2020 by Lynne Demers

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