The Captivating Colours


There are plenty of gorgeous lipsense colours to choose from. The things to keep in mind when choosing colours are:


  • There are colours that may be more suitable for a daytime or casual look, all depending on what is comfortable for you. Some ladies are perfectly comfortable wearing bright colours during the day.  This is up to you.

  • There are colours more suitable for events such as parties, weddings, proms, a special evening out…etc. 

  • There are natural, less dramatic colours for people who want a more subtle touch of colour.

  • There are colours that compliment our wardrobe.  

  • Last but not least, all lipsense colours can be layered or mixed to build new colours.  This is an awesome feature!

Message me for assistance.  I would be happy to offer some suggestions.

Colours with Blue Dots are now out of stock. Please choose other colours.

All colours are $30.  Don't forget that beginners need a starter kit, which includes a glossy gloss($25), and ooops remover($12). The Kit is $67 + tax. Please contact me directly: for more personalized communication.  I accept cash (Brockville or Residence pick up), e-transfer/PayPal (use or square invoice (credit card processing fee applies). People can shop directly through my SeneSite. I serve Canadian customers only.  If residing in the US, or other SeneGence® eligible countries, you can get the beauty membership under my distributorship (ID#478925), in order for you to receive your product.


Want to save between 20-50% off,  Pay the beauty membership fee of $55 and get your products at a discount. Use Distributor ID#478925 to begin saving. Visit SeneGence®

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